Zippy Josh - Stupidville (Acoustic/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Zippy Josh & The Rag Tag Band - Stupidville
Written Oct 21, 2011.

Josh Handley was in the band that you may of heard, called Officer Negative (Guitar (1995–1999)) and after the break up of ON Josh started his own project with Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band releasing his first album "Stupidville" in 1999. Zippy Josh and The Rag Tag Band is noting like Officer Negative when it comes to music style. Zippy Josh plays acoustic rock type music with a major influlance of christianity in his lyrics. You may be thinking that it's like a church worship band with the acoustic music and christian influenced lyrics but his music is a lot more involved and better than that assumption. I think he has great lyrics that anyone can relate to regarding your religious views and good upbeat music. If you ever heard the band Serendipity Punch from Northern California, Zippy Josh reminds me a lot there style of music. From what I could look up about them, it seems that they have not done to much since the album release of "Stupidville" in 1999 and I could only find a myspace and pure volume for them at check them out, I think you'll like what you hear.

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