Weird Kids - We Are The In Crowd

Written by Sky Fisher

Weird Kids - We Are The In Crowd (February 2014)

After a 3 year hiatus, We Are The in Crowd is back – this time with a more mature sound, strong lyrics, and a more defined pop-rock sound. Weird Kids has a continuing theme of change, beginning with “Long Live the Kids” which, with lyrics like “Long live the kids in us all/Pride my fail us/But God we will die trying”, could very well become an anthem for the young and the determined.

Lead singer Taylor Jardine has improved significantly in the past few years, making her one of the better female singers in the pop-rock genre. But Taylor is not the only one to improve – the entire band has upped their game and, combined with Taylor's voice, make Weird Kids a hundred times better than either previous album.

Weird Kids features a mixture of upbeat songs with lyrics you can't help singing along to as well as an beautifully written ballad or two. Stand out songs include the original single “Attention” (I know the way I wanna be/But I'm trapped in who I am), “Come Back Home” (Things will never be/The way they were before/I guess you can't count on anything), and the emotional “Windows in Heaven”, (If you could see me now/Would you be pleased and proud?), written about Taylor's father. Truthfully, each song on the album stands out for its own reasons, making the entire album one that can easily be put on repeat.

Overall, Weird Kids, takes We Are the In Crowd from “just another band” to a band to watch out for. Who knows – they could very well follow in the steps of bands like Paramore and become the next great female-vocalist band while creating their own sound.

Sky Fisher

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