Weak13 Looking to Retain London Award (alt)

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Posted May 14, 2011, by Dave Scotford

Genre: Alternative;

British and West Midland based grunge band WEAK13 have announced they hope to win the London Limelight Film & Arts awards for the 2nd year in a row with their latest music video titled "You Don't Love Me".

The bands "Wake Down" music video won 'Best music video' (Directed by Chris Stone) in 2010 and the band are confident that this years entry is even stronger. Earlier in the year a nationwide campaign was set up to find all walks of people to participate in the music video which was filmed in March 2011 during a Rock concert at Base Studios in Stourbridge. The video was directed by Martyn Kilvert and produced by Kidderminster-born Nick J. Townsend.

The music video which is tipped to out do their previous efforts features guest appearances from some top names in Midlands music and entertainment. BBC Radio broadcaster 'Andy O'Hare, British band 'Mudball', pop diva's 'Laura Broad' and 'Becky Rose', members of rock bands 'Isolated Atoms', 'Eight Great Fears’, 'Left For Red', 'Spearmint 6', 'Through The Ruins', 'Last Judgement' and a horde of other musicians joined in for this piece of Midlands music history.

The now Wolverhampton based producer for the video who also is the band's front man and guitarist said: "People from all over the country turned up on set, we even had top models 'Roze Thorn', 'Raven Brookes', 'Satine Velvet' and 'Leila Alexandrea'. Not to mention a great guest appearance from Art teacher and Fine art painter 'Mike Flight'."

The music video also features an intro by American Radio broadcaster 'Annie Christ' who has been an avid supporter of front man Nick J. Townsend and the music of Weak13 for some time. The finished music video which can be seen on YouTube has been called by some a "who's who in Midland talent" as the crowd is made up of so many great musical names in current music.

The London Limelight Film & Arts Awards takes place this summer. Weak13's 'Wake Down' music video was nominated for an award in 2010 and won by a landslide. This year the band are aiming to get nominated for a 2nd time and to give Midlands music something else to be proud of.

Extras for the music video we're thrilled to participate in the music video which contained live performance from the band and a boxing ring which was erected next to the stage where band members had to be filmed for a fight scene. After months of planning, hundreds of emails from people wanting to be in a rock video and having only one day to film & stage the event resulted in an action music video which could well be one of the most exciting music videos in the past ten years.

The song featured in the music video was recorded by professional British engineer 'David Davies' who recorded the band using the newly built Digital Recording Studio located at Base Studios. "Recording is my true passion. After all, you gotta make a record or you don't exist."
WEAK13 since making the music video have agreed to be signed to Basement Sound Records and will release the single through the label. The finished music video by WEAK13 can be watched here:



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