We Are/She Is - Young and Pretty Clean

Written by Mary Dean

Posted Jun 17, 2011, by Mary Dean.


Featured Artists: We Are/She Is; Genre: Indie;
First I must tell you all that I was big fan of He's Not Gay, this bands former group. They had such an energy on stage & their music was just pure fun. I was very sad to hear that they disbanded. But then I heard about the next project that was formed, We Are/She Is. We Are/She Is is Merilou Salazar, Jessie Meehan, Randi Custodio, & Hansel Von Muller. Some members of my past favorite band have formed a new one. I was expecting the same sound as I put in this CD, I have to be honest. I was taken away at how different it was. To me the other band was a fun high school band that's main purpose was to promote fun. And let me to you, it worked! But this new band shows maturity musically in my ears. They are showing they are no longer the teenagers that we had heard before. They are forming into adults. But don't worry. The fun is still in the music full swing. I have not gotten the chance to see this new band perform. But I bet the energy is still there and the shows are just as fun. The song "Barlights" seems to be the biggest hit. My personal favorite is "Let It Go." Even though this CD is only 5 tracks, you'll find yourself putting it on repeat. The way I would describe this CD is beautiful. The music gives me such a good feeling. I can't help but smile. And I promise you once you put this CD in you'll smile the whole way through. You can contact the band at Wearesheis.com or on their Facebook at www.facebook.com/#!/wearesheis. Tell them Mary Dean sent you.

Have fun listening!

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