Was the Pizza better then the Perfomer???

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 1, 2007, by Boogie Man.

I rarely go to shows during the week, to top it off a show at a pizza joint.

Well I had heard big things about the pizza at Di Piazza's in Long Beach and

could only hope that the band of the hour was as good as the bar b que

chicken pizza that i was about to enjoy. I didnt get much chance to mingle

with the band before there set as i arrived right on time (for once). I sat

back with a coors light in one hand, and a personal pan pizza made directly

from God himself ready to enjoy a set from native Seattle boys 5 Good

Reasons. Now ill be honest, i had absolutely no idea what to expect from 5GR

as the only material ive heard was on myspace thru a pare of blown computer

speakers, but i know what i did hear, i really liked. Right off the bat, the

band opens with "Sue Us We Killed your Kid" off there debut E.P "Fire On the

Puget Sound". EXPLOSIVE! Singer Matt Forbes sang with more passion then most

major label artists. The wall of sound 5 Good Reasons produced was uniformed

and inviting. Bassist Jason Mills hovered the stage at what looked like 6

feet 11 inches, just pounding his foot in enjoyment as he finger picked his

notes. I immediately removed myself from being at a pizza joint and felt

like i was at the warped tour or glasshouse. The only downfall I saw on

stage was the lack of production. Song for song, the band sounded amazing.

But there was no transition between songs to make it flow like a concert,

and singer Matt Forbes continuously apologized for there lack of practicing

due to no rehersal studio. But that to me, is the least of this bands

worries. Pound for pound, 5 Good Reasons lived up to the hype that my rinky

dink computer speakers promised, and some. Now i must warn you, this band is

not for the faint of heart. If your not ready to scream, pit and have a good

time, then dont go see them! But if your ready to leave your "9 to 5 up on

the shelf" as (Michael puts it) and be entertained, then by all means catch

5 Good Reasons before these boys get swept up and hit the road. Check out

there myspace at: www.myspace.com/fivegoodreasons, for all upcoming

shows. Till next time friends, see you at the next show!



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