Warped Tour/Ventura

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 30, 2007, by ME.

When we arrived our mission was to pass out our flyers & stickers. Also as the day progressed we infected Warped Tour stands, bathrooms, signs, and even an overpass. I'm only gonna comment on the bands that switched it up. All the bands were split up, so that was good. First we saw the Briggs. Really really good band. They played early cause they had a Joe Strummer movie/documentary release show to do in L.A. later that day. So in memory of Joe & the Clash they covered "Tommy Gun." As the day progressed I realized during Circle Jerks the pit was gonna be ugly. I guess there's members of this society that still believe their will be a master race someday. I guess we don't have to think to survive. Anyway it sucked cause kids were being annahilated by these jerks. While waiting for Bad Religion we were sitting down as Buck-O-Nine was playing. They covered OPIV's "Sound System." That actually brought my mood up. I was hoping Bad Religion wouldn't play the same set, but again they opened up with "American Jesus" and "I want to Conquer the World." They were the only band that really changed their set list. How refreshing. They played the usuals, but they also played "Recipe for Hate", "You", "21st Century Digital Boy" and "Do what you want." I always love seeing Bad Religion and if they ever play in L.A. chances are I'll be there. See you in Carson or, according to Matt, L.A. Might I add that L.A. girls are hotter, usually underage, but way hotter than Ventura.

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