Warped Tour @ Home Depot Center

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 25, 2007, by ME.

What a way to end up the tour. The best Warped Tour I’ve ever been to. First of all the traffic off the exit was bad and then to find out the show was sold out. Anyway, we got in and first up on the day was Agent Orange. I prefer to hear Agent Orange on CD, but who can deny seeing a band play live. Very good skate/surf punk band. To name a few, they played “No Such Thing”, “Living in Darkness”, El Dorado” and they covered “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys. Around 2pm, Tiger Army went on so I left Agent Orange and headed over to the Lucky stage. They played pretty much the same set as the last shows which was disappointing, but at least they played Annabel Lee. That was sick!!! After we were thirsty so we went to the fountain and it was off. What a tease. After stealing a lemonade which was sugar water with a lemon in it, we went to see Pennywise. It seemed like they played a short set. They played a lot of songs from the Straight Ahead CD. Too many people at the show. The pit was really cramped and everyone was falling all over the place, but it was awesome. Around 5p.m. we went to see the Unseen and I heard Manic Hispanic playing and I was like “what is goin’ on?” Why are they playing, but we just passed and heard them play “Rudy Cholo” and “Mommy’s Little Cholo.” Basically make a parody of classic punk songs. I was hoping that the Unseen wouldn’t let me down by playing their newer material, but they did half and half. Their newer stuff is ok, but you can’t compare to Lower Class Crucifixion and So this is Freedom? They started off with “What are you gonna do?” Then they played “Social Security,” “Are we dead yet?,” and “False Hope.” The Unseen is a very good street punk band and if you haven’t heard or want to hear them check into those two CD’s. While walking around I look on stage and I see Lee Ving from FEAR and I was like “Is that FEAR?” and sure nough it was. Shouldn’t Lee Ving be dead? They played “Foreign Policy,” “Beef Bologna,” “I Don’t care about you,” and “Lets have a War.” I guess I missed “Livin In the City.” But what a surprise. Next was the Adolescents. I didn’t know they were playing either. I missed about 2 or 3 songs, but I think I missed “I Hate Children” and “Kids of the Black Hole.” I hope not, but if I didn’t hear it then it didn’t happen. But what I did hear was my favorite, “L.A. Girl” and they also played “Losing Battle”, “Brats in Batallions”, “Word Attack”, “Amoeba”, and “Creatures.” After we went to the Lucky stage to see Bad Religion, but for some reason I went to the wall that had all the band listings and I saw a sign that had Lower Class Brats at 6:30 p.m. WTF? Lower Class Brats at Warped Tour. Sure enough next to the Lucky Stage I saw Bones on a side stage. There was a barrier between the crowd and the stage and when L.C.B. went on that barrier almost broke. They brought so much security it was hilarious. They should have just taken out the barrier. It would have been easier that way. They played a pretty good set, but I wish they would have played “Who controls the Media?” or “Addicted to Oi!” Come to think about it they didn’t even play “Who Writes Your Rules”, but what I do remember that when they played “Ultra Violence” that barrier broke. The barrier ended up in the pit somewhere. All that work by the security for nothing. Then right after Bad Religion went on. They started off with “American Jesus” and of course I had to be in the pit. I even went crowd surfing for that song. Off their 14th CD or latest CD they played “Requiem For Dissent”, “New Dark Ages” and “Honest Goodbye.” They also played “You”, “Social Suicide”, “Infected”, “Generator”, “Do what you want”, and they ended their set with “Sorrow.” I’m pretty sure that was their whole set. Apparently there was an old school stage that I didn’t know about. That’s why FEAR, Manic Hispanic, The Adolescents, The STICKies, and at last Circle Jerks played. If you don’t know who these bands are don’t even read my review, just go to the next one. By the time Circle Jerks went on I was so tired and sore that I just watched. They’re kind of boring. They play the same set in the exact order and I think Keith even says the same stuff. All I know is that Greg Hetson is on something because he went from playing with Bad Religion to playing with the Circle Jerks in like less than 5 minutes and I saw him in another band like at 4p.m. I listen to Flogging Molly, but I don’t’ own any of their CD’s, but they are some pretty cool Irish musicians. I can’t even explain to you how good they are live. I suggest you experience them yourself. They played great and this review is way too long. What an unexpected day. I wish all warped tours were like this one, but I know it was only like this because it ended in L.A.

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