Viv and the Revival

Written by Josh Snider

Philly based rockers, Viv and the Revival are really feeling the brotherly love from the city that gives it best. The 4-piece rock bands newest single, “I Want It” is currently being featured in Verizon’s 2014 New Years “Faces” campaign (, and were recently added in rotation on local Philly rock radio station, WXPN, The Key. You can check them out here:

In the past three years, Viv and the Revival have self-released four EPs: 2010’s The Cadence in the Chaos, 2011’s And Then The World, Part 1, February 2012’s Seven, and September 2012’s And Then The World, Part 2. Having only written his first song at age 22, Viv and the Revival’s songs have been placed worldwide in numerous television shows, national commercials, and movies. His song “Fire” was used in a Bud Light commercial during the Summer Olympics in 2012. NBC’s “The Voice” used six of his songs on the show's second season, and several other tracks on season three. The songs were also featured in the British and Australian versions of the show. Other songs have been placed on NBC, MTV, ESPN, TeenNick, and in films.

When asked about his Revival, Viv stated, “I was feeling rundown with music and was searching for something. When I found that passion reignited, it felt like a revival for me - a new start and it was super important for me to get that message out. Every day, you can achieve whatever you want to, be who you want to be, and do what you want. There’s no limit to how good someone can be. This is the Revival. We're all here to make a big noise. We're all here to shake things up. We're all here to change the world. This is your moment, this is your time, this is your world, and this is your Revival.”

For more information, please visit:
TWITTER: @vivtherevival

Josh Snider said: What was it like the first time you heard yourself on the radio? Where were would and how did you respond?

Viv and the Revival said: It was crazy! I was actually driving around with some of my friends and realized it was on the air, felt really surreal!

Josh Snider said: It's not often that a band can brand themselves in a way that catches the ears of commercials and radio. What did you do differently or what could be attributed to that success?

Viv and the Revival said: Thanks a lot man! I've always written songs that I liked, and they're pretty universal and simple in terms of sound and lyrics, so I think that plays a big part in that. 

Josh Snider said: You've spent a fair share of time in studios, recording more than most bands. What's it like when you record? What is the tone? Is there anyone you specifically like to work with?

Viv and the Revival said: I love being in studios, and I think its where I do my best writing and producing. Its kind of intense when the pressure's on but it makes it more fun! I've recorded with so many killer musicians, its always a blast to get to watch really talented people do their thing!

Josh Snider said: If you could go back and meet yourself at 15 years old, what would you tell yourself? And what album would you have put in your future selfs hands?

Viv and the Revival said: Haha I don't know if I would want to see myself at 15. I would tell myself to enjoy things a little bit more, things seem dramatic when your a kid. That album question is tough, I cant pick just one, probably bring back hundreds.

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