Villians - Vol I

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jan 22, 2008, by MELODY.


Villians smash it up with this bangin' mix of Electro beats that will have every Electro-kid one click away from the download! This L.A. trio makes every night a Friday night dance club when they hit the decks. Throwin down everything that made 2007 electro hot, this
mix is everything that makes electro sizzle with sexiness!

The speakers blow up with feel-good remixes of old classics like Michael Jackson's Thrilla, which is remixed by the Vicious Villians themselves. L.A.'s hottest electro artists come out to play on this monster of a mix including too cool for school emcee Whiskey Pete spittin some playful rhymes throughout the mix. What makes Villians Vol I a good dance mix? Style, solid mixing, and a great track selection with variety. From the crazy Bloc Party "Hunting For Witches" remix to the Villians original tracks like "Rock It," it's 45 minutes of pure Electro-goodness!

Throw on some faded white washed jeans, your best pair of neon stunna shades, get ready to shake what your mama gave you, and download Villians Vol I

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