Varukers/Monster Squad @ Showcase Theatre

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 8, 2007, by ME.

I really don't listen to the Varukers, but they ripped it. I went really just to see Monster Squad, but I left wanting more. I missed the first band, don't remember who they were. Bad Reaction came on and I expected some lame opening band, but was I wrong. If you like American Hardcore (The music, not the movie) then you'll like Bad Reaction. It was like the 80's all over again. Really refreshing to hear. They covered Minor Threat's "Bottled Violence" & Bad Brains' "Pay to Cum." When "Pay to Cum" came on the kids threw the best pit I've ever seen. It was amazing to see that nowadays. Monster Squad went on next. What can I say, but they're one of my favorite bands. Really worth seeing and hearing. Awesome show like always. Get any CD you can find, download or whatever just listen to them. They're coming back in July with A Global Threat. Scarred For Life. No comment. Varukers came on and they surprised the hell outta me. They had an amazing amount of energy for some older punks. They played "Nowhere To Go," "All Systems Fail," "Genocide," and "Die for your Government." I'm not really into the UK scene, but they represented and I will see them next time they come around.

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