Untitled Demo By Ryan Ross

Written by marinakarenbauer

Ryan Ross
October 20, 2013

Rating:  10 out of 10

I remember sitting in my homeroom in the eighth grade, watching that stupid television program, when suddenly they introduced a new segment. They started interviewing musicians. In front of me, I watched the 'reporter' sitting with four guys barely out of high school from Nevada. It was a band known as Panic! At The Disco. Brendon Urie sat there in red framed glasses, with three guys sitting quietly beside him. The one that stood out though was a tall, lanky man, with a rose-vest and oddly piercing brown eyes. I thought that band was a quartet of four gods.

<----- blame that guy right there for getting me into music journalism.

Panic! At The Disco got me into music journalism, but I knew my journey was far from over. Over the course of my first concert (The Honda-Civic Tour in which Panic! At The Disco headlined) and to their break-up which consequently was the same month of my birthday (a little over three weeks), to the somewhat fail that was The Young Veins, something about Ryan Ross kept me coming back.

On October 20th, 2013, he reappeared with a duo of demos. Unfortunately, I was way out of tune with him by then, and (cough 3 months later cough) found out about such events because I had this gut feeling asking me about what ever happened to Ryan Ross.

"Where I Belong," is a three and a half minute track that oddly enough reminds me of an artist I'd reviewed last year by the name of Aubrey Wood. "Where I Belong," is a slower-paced Autumn Anthem that journeys along with Ross through what has to be the time after he'd left Panic! At The Disco, and tried to start up The Young Veins with former bassist (also of PATD) Jon Walker. Ross sticks to the style he'd adapted in Panic's second album "Pretty. Odd." He's also adapted to singing, which I definitely will not complain about. I've always been a fan of the songs he's given vocals for in Panic. This track is very Beatle-esque. With mind-bending guitar solos, down to the added voices seeming to be background chatter, you'll float right along the road Ryan Ross chose to guide you down.

It floats perfectly into the second track, "Off My Mind," which is a slightly faster, more up-tempo song that makes your foot start to tap as soon as it starts. It sticks true to the image Ross has spent so much time perfecting (since 08) and you can't help but to bob your head along with this purely instrumental track. This music feels very late 60's to early 70's, and makes you want to sit in front of your television and just let your mind wander. I really couldn't find anything wrong with these two tracks, nor do I want to.  

Ross lends himself over to you with his untitled demo, as he always has with his music.  However, he wants to let you know two things.

1.  HE'S BACK.



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