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Posted Dec 6, 2011, by Big Smile Magazine Official Writer Page.

Nottingham (UK) based Folk / Country band 'The King Will Dream' are quickly starting to make a name for themselves not only in their home country but internationally too. Made up of 13 different musicians all playing different instruments, the band are currently out on a UK wide tour leading up to the release of their debut EP.

"It's a little bit of a different tour" said guitarist Matt Woods. "We're playing a lot of house shows all around the country and so the atmosphere is totally different to playing on a stage at a gig; it’s more intimate and there’s more of an opportunity for the people watching to get involved with what we’re doing.”

'My Friend Vanity' which is being self released by the band, will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and eMusic from the 31st January 2012 but has already been hailed by critics linked to RoadRunner Records as well as promoters, industry workers and other musicians from all around the globe.

“We can’t really believe the feedback we’re getting to be fair. We know we have something a little bit different with the sheer number of musicians and the way we’ve put them together but we just didn’t expect people from outside of Nottingham to really notice us. We’re now talking to a couple of independent record labels and management firms so pretty excited about what could be around the corner. We play music because it’s good fun and something we enjoy rather than to write things that are popular - I guess we’re lucky that both aspects are coming together at the moment though.”

Having written and recorded pieces of music for the last two years the soon to be released EP has been a long time coming. Matt, who has written the bulk of the music for the band, did reveal that the band are also currently writing a follow up and would hope that it was released soon after the debut.

Their current tour, dubbed ‘The House Concert Tour’ takes in over 10 different cities and towns around England and will be followed up by an extended tour after several members sit their January exams at college and university.

“Most of the guys have full time jobs and two of the girls and one of the lads are due to sit exams in January so it can be a bit of work trying to work around it but we’re all committed to what we’re doing. I guess you could say we have a dream. We want to keep writing music and want to see if it takes us somewhere in music. If it doesn’t happen for us then we can at least say we gave it a good go.”

The King Will Dream have attracted a bit of attention with one of their promotional videos for the EP starting with a quote from Martin Luther King. Maybe that’s where the band name came from, who knows?

You can find out more information about the band on their Facebook page, which also gives links to all of their social networking profiles. Their Facebook page can be found at:

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