Typical Cats - Typical Cats

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 16, 2007, by Rybread.


A jazzy/hip hop production featuring Qwel, Qwaazar and Denizen Kane, who each in there own literally annihilate the mic! All tracks, except for track 9 are beats produced and created by DJ Natural. If I were in a hip hop group, this would probably be the one I'd want to be part of. Each song seriously gives you that 'lyricist lounge' feeling.. Almost like you're in a coffee shop, and theres a 3 piece band on stage, along with 3 MC's. It also gives you that mixtape feel as well, with 1-2 minute beat/instrumental breaks between a few tracks. Each song is VERY unique, because of the heavy jazz influence in each track. DJ Natural really steps up to the plate, the beats he produced are out of this world. So much soul in each song. And to top it off the lyrics and mic sense are mind boggling. The delivery is amazing. They're very poetic and verbal using metaphors and rhymes that put a picture in your mind and somewhat stop time. Similar artists include: Ugly Duckling, Sleep, Sage Francis. Now GO Ch-Ch-Check it Out!

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Reinventing Wheels
3. Any Day
4. Qweloquaillisms
5. It Won't Stop
6. Snake Oil
7. Natural Causes
8. Take A Number
9. The Manhattan Project
10. Too Happy 4 Qwel
11. Live Forever
12. Cliche
13. What You Thought Hops
14. Thin Red Line

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