Tribal Mentality - Woody Woodham (Rock)

Written by rickmurder

Tribal Mentality - Woody Woodham
Posted Dec 1, 2004.

Oooook were to start. I personally thought this cd was a joke when I got it, The
musical part of it sounds as if that it was made on a mac computer, to fake sounding. After
the fact that it sounds home made alot of the timing is off and solos are just sloppy. If i
had to see this band live i would want to get hammered and get into a fight just to get
kicked out because walking out is to dignified. The vocals change from different styles and
alot of time don't even match the music. Even in one part he sounded like randy newman. For
the most part it is music and someone has spent time working on it. It is a solo project
except a few tracks. If you are into indie music you might enjoy this but i still think its
a strecth.

would i recommend it? not really, except for target parctice.
see them live? nope
1 out of 10 I give them a 3.

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