TrainWreck w/ Kyle Gas @ DiPizzas 7/10/10 (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Trainwreck feat. Kyle Gas of Tenacious D, The Lyrics Game, Little Monsters, Skarlet @ Di Piazzas 7-10-2010. Written Jul 21, 2010.

We got to Di Piazzas about half way through the set for the first band which was a high school surf rock band called Little Monsters. I wish I could have seen the whole set but I only really paid attention to the tail end. These guys were very good for how young they were and as far as stage performance, they were dancing, some were in costume, and all around very entertaining band.

Next up was Skarlet, another high school band, but these guys took the performance and look to a new level. Skarlet is a rock metal band that 20 -30 years ago would of been on the top charts. These kids dressed, acted, and sounded just like a hair metal band. The guitarist could shred, drummer could kick it and the singer could almost hit those really high notes, give him a few more years and he'll show Brett Micheals what's up. Very interesting band, very fun to watch. Look for these guys in the rise.

Next on the bill is The Lyrics Game, If you read any of the other show reviews for TLG you'll know that these guys can rock. They have a powerful punch to there music with vocals that make you feel like your part of the song to that cello that brings you into the song even more. After about 2-3 songs, the kinky side of The Lyrice Game comes out again when the crowd of people chant "Shot" "Shot" "Shot" and then Dan, guitarist, takes a full bottle of Jack Daniels (750ml) and starts chugging it, gets maybe a inch or so down. That's more than I could do. I think my favorite song of the night that had the most energy was Sexual Harassment. It really got the crowd going and the stage on fire. Before you know it, we're back to chanting "Shot" "Shot" "Shot" Dan picks up the bottle and drinks till its about half gone. We're down to two songs left for the set and they play a crowd favorite: Weezers "Say It Ain't So". Once again before we knew it we were back to chanting "Shot" "Shot" "Shot" and Dan finished the bottle and the crowd went nuts. Dan "Now that im finally feeling good, let's play the last song". They played an awesome set, and I couldn't have been more stolked to see them that night.

TRAINWRECK. The band we were all waiting for finally hits the stage. Trainwreck is fronted by "Klip Calhous" Kyle Gas of Tenacious D and Darryl Lee Donald along with the other members John "Shreddy" Shredman on lead guitar, Boy Johnny on bass and Dallas St. Bernard on drums. Well, most of you have heard of Tenacious D, with having Kyle as a front man they had a lot of style and comedy as Tenacious D but Trainwreck is deffinitely different. Trainwreck is like a rock folk, rock comedy with lyrics comparable to Flight of the Conchords and Steven Lynch but what Trainwreck has that FOTC and SL don't have is this little thing called "Darryl Lee Donald". Tonight is the first time seeing Trainwreck live and previous to the show I only heard "Brodio" once but deffinitely not the last, Darryl is one of the best stage performers I have ever seen. Dancing all over the stage, playing guitar and can use his hands to tell a story. Everything I just said is an understatement on how awesome he was to watch, words can't explain it so you'll deffinitely have to check them out to get the full effect. So about half way 2/4th through the show and they play their last song and get off the stage. Well of course the chant starts, this time instead of "Shot" "Shot" "Shot" which was priceless to see Dan from the Lyrics Game drink that bottle of Jack, we hear "One More Song "One More Song" and they run back on stage leaving me jaw dropped and confused a little. Dallas St. Bernard that was on drums was now singing, Boy Johnny who was on bass was now on drums and Darryl Lee Donald lead singer and guitar was playing bass. Dallas sang the song that every drummer wants to sing about being stuck in the back playing drums and how he just wants the world to hear is singing voice and really got me and the crowd laughing. As that song ended they switched around and I forget where everyone went the bassist did a cover of a song from Foot Loose, very good singing voice. Periodically throughout the songs on tonights bill Kyle Gas would switch from his normal acoustic guitar to a flute and played it beautifully. Trainwreck is not only full of laughs but a group of people that can play music better and with more style than almost any band out there. You have to check these guys out and see them live if you can. I know a hot spot for them to play is DiPazzas in Long Beach so check out the site for show dates, music videos and info. 2 songs to look out for are "Brodio" and "El Mustachio"



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