Tongues Bloody Tongues by Killsonic @ RedCat 2010

Written by Matthew M

"Tongues Bloody Tongues" by Killsonic @ L.A.'s Redcat
Posted Jul 29, 2010.

Featured Artists: Killsonic; Genre: Jazz; Punk;
From explosive entry to solemn exit, Killsonic’s debut opera “Tongues Bloody Tongues” captivates audiences with a menacing portrayal of Gertrude Bell’s story in Iraq. For this account, the Los Angeles 24-piece band employs a range of horn and percussion instruments backed by a crowd of howling young women. The off-note horn section, marching band rhythm, shrieking mega-phone hollers, and black and red uniforms convey an alarming feeling, as if the audience has entered an ominous underground reality.

The opera features five main characters including Gertrude Bell and Saddam Hussein: Scene-to-scene narration by Saddam Hussein manages to place a slight touch of humor on the otherwise dark atmosphere. The band’s horn, drum, and howler section provide emphasis for particular moments throughout the story. Altogether, the opera effectively portrays a powerful and emotional account of early colonization in Iraq.

Killsonic is headed for great things as musicians and as a collective of creative individuals. Keep an eye out for their shows throughout Los Angeles, and be sure to attend their upcoming productions.

This event was featured at the Redcat in downtown Los Angeles from July 22nd to July 24th.

Toungues Bloody Tounges:


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