Tomorrow's Cry (Alt.)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Tomorrow's Cry
Posted Mar 4, 2008.

Chris Fox-Vox/Guitar
Jamie Stephens-Guitar
Nick Bohun-Bass
Ron Feroz-Drums

Do you guys have any shows coming up soon?

Yes, and we are working on more. Contact us if you want us to play your club, party, wedding (just kidding), Living Room, or High School or College, that's what we love most.

03/15/2008 10:00 PM - FENDERS BAR & GRILL in

226 Standard Street
El Segundo, California 90245

Check out Tomorrow's Cry at:

What is your latest CD?
The Mold LP is our latest CD and also our Debut LP; it was recorded in just under 2 weeks at Evil Poochie Studios in West L.A. Danny B. of Goodbye Valentine produced the record. It was released in Aug of 07. it is my heart, blood, sweat, tears, of everything that is me. I'm a loser.
Chris Fox-Tomorrow's Cry

Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics from?
Life, love, loss, drugs, family, friends, deaths, dogs, cats, cops, girls, LSD, sunsets, wars, roaches, dirt, bums, almost everything you can think about in this crazy, crazy planet that we know of. We write for ourselvess, and when the audience can connect with it, there is nothing better in the world. Its like a good acid trip, nah just kidding but really a good trip.

What does Tomorrow's Cry mean?
Well it means a lot of different things, but mostly one true meaning: if you stop an take a look around an take a deep breath, things seem to be okay in your world, but in reality all of our actions that we take though this life as a person, brother, mother, sister and son are leaving Tomorrow crying out for help. You cannot take anything in this crazy life for granted.

What were some of your favorite bands when you were growing up?
Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Pantera, The Beatles, CCR, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Ween, Flaming Lips, Green Day, Rolling Stones.

What bands influence your band the most as of today?
The Used, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Fire Theft, Spinning Images, The Strokes, Social Distortion, Nirvana, and everything we grew up with still has a major influnece over us.

How do you guys like working with CaL Rock Records?
Cal Rock is cool. We got into a studio, recorded an album and never paid for anything. That pretty much says it all. He believed in the music, which means the most to us, 'cause after the day is done you clock out your time card wherever you are. It all ends with the music. What would TV, films, everyday life be without music? Not a world I want to live in.

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
Big Smile Magazine is the shizzy; they asked me for an interview so that goes to show you that they are on the front line of the indie music world and have been for years. Without Big Smile Magazine this interview is still left up in my messed up little brain.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?
To everyone out there if you are interested in joining our street team contact us and we will send you flyers/merch and CDs to promote. Keep an ear out for us on college radio across country. To everyone who supports us, thank you. See you this summer on tour.

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