Tom Lloyd 12/11/10

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Posted Dec 11, 2010, by Dave Scotford.

Many say that Johnny Cash will never be equalled, but that hasn’t stopped many en mass having one hell of a go. When songwriters take inspiration from their own personal lives all it too often produces results which don’t connect with listeners; Tom Lloyd on the other hand shows just how it should be done.

A beautifully warm and eloquent acoustic guitar layered with edgy and almost effortless vocals combine together to produce something which is helping put Stourbridge back on the map as a musical hotbed.

Kicking off with ‘Fear’, Tom lays bare an emotional choice between love and an apparent ‘force’ preventing the inevitable - lyrically romantic (without the need for the bucket). New relationships are strange, uplifting yet full of fear, exactly what Tom maps out here in his own insecurities, something which will surely resonate among anyone and everyone who listens in. His voice gives the impression that the lyrics really mean something, many appear to hurt him inside but others lift and revitalise. It’s that which is the true genius of his work, the debate and struggle within him to justify and choice which path is right for him, with consequences and benefits.

Tracks like ‘19’ and ‘Dear My Darling’ probably give away the fact he’s got hold of a young girls diary and found exactly what she’s looking for in her perfect man. Throughout his live set raw emotion after emotion is evoked, building up a sympathy which you can’t help but be drawn in by. He’s not just another acoustic act, but holds the whole package, clearly gifted both in playing and performing but he’s one of a rare breed in that he’s able to effectively capture the heart of pretty much each and every girl in the room without even trying.

Listening to his music takes you into his world; you feel his pain and share his plight, taking on the journey of love with him. Bold and beautiful throughout, there’s something that everyone can appreciate.

The phrase ‘toe-tapping’ is all too often used, but I feel here it’s appropriate. Humble and honest, both in performance and person Tom wouldn’t be out of place amongst the very best – a place which I hope one day he realises.

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