TKO 10 Year Anniversary / July 21, 2007 @ TheVault

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 31, 2007, by ME.

I almost missed the show cus I forgot about it. They started promoting this show like 2 months ago. I only remembered the day for some reason. I got there around 7pm and I think Broken Bottles were playing. I’m going on the band list on my ticket stub, so I think it was them. They are a good rock and roll band. I can tell by their music and style that Social Distortion is a huge influence. 46 Short came on next and I was impressed. For supposedly not playing for a while they played great. Very fast uptempo type band. I prefer seeing them live then listening to them on CD. Pretty good band though. Krum Bums are a band that ripped it last time I saw them and they did it again. I recommend listening to this band. I only have the music, but if I had the lyrics I know this will be a band I would like for a really long time. They are playing with the Street Dogs, but I don’t know if that show past yet. Check it out. Since I’m kinda in the middle might I say that there were a lot of “stars” at this show(i.e. Dave/clit 45, Mike Virus/Cheap Sex & The Virus, Guitarist from Cheap Sex). I don’t remember his name because they switch members like crazy. The Stitches took a while to come on and when they did they just talked for like 5 minutes & when they finally started playing their sound was distorted. It’s Punk Rock though, so what does it matter. They played about 6 or 7 songs and then their time was up. Umm… Poisen Idea. Old hardcore band from Seattle(I think Seattle). I can tell their old version of their songs used to be punk, but now they are just metal. Never again. I can tell by the crowd that a lot of people came to see the Smut Peddlers. How can you tell? I’ve been to enough shows to tell who wants to see who. The punk scene sucks that way sometimes. I never really heard anything from then, but they always put on a good show, but I wouldn’t want to see them headlining. Some nazi might try and kick my GRASS. I was very surprised that there weren’t more fights. All I saw was one and that was during L.C.B. Finally the L.C.B. in the L.B.C. I just wanted to write that. I seemed like it was 2a.m. and a lot of people left, so it seemed empty. L.C.B. always plays great. You’re missing out if you haven’t seen them by now. It took awhile for everyone to get into it because everyone seemed tired. They played a short set I think for being the headliners, but buy a CD and go to their next show and I will be there cus I hardly miss a Brats show. Sex, Brats, and Rock and Roll.

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