Tito "Charles" Bonaducci (Lounge)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Tito "Charles" Bonaducci
Posted Jan 3, 2007.

What is your myspace?

Where have you been peforming latly?
Monday nights I host karaoke at the Continental Room in Fullerton, Tuesdays I perform in between the bands at the Alley in fullerton, and on Thursdays I play with my band at an open mic at Totally Coffee in Costa Mesa.

What kind of responce have you been getting latly in fullerton compared to other places you played including Las Vegas? The all ages shows I sing at, I get a great response. They understand that im doing this for fun, but then some kids say, "What is this guy doing performing at a metal/ hardcore show?" That is what I like about music, it's universal. Most people like Sinatra and Johnny Cash, so it works. I have recieved a better response though when i play out of state. The city of Phoenix likes the lounge act, and i can not wait to play there again. Vegas is a different story. The all ages shows are scarce, due the many liscensing with alcohol and rules with kids. The only place I have played at was called "TREMORZ", which unfortunatley closed down. Overall out of the places I have played, the crowd seems sort of the same, depending on the crowd. Larger crowds are fun because I know i can get them to have fun, but smaller audiences are fun to play, because there is so much material to work off of. Mostly thanking everyone who came out that night, or saying my promoting on myspace is working (when there is less than 20 people at a 300+ venue).

How long have you been doing "lounge"?
I am 24 now and I have been doing my lounge act since i was about 18 or 19. I recall Tony Bennett starting when he was about 20, so if i make it to 80 or so i have about a year or two on him. I have much respect for Tony.

Do you have a cd out, Because i deffently wouldent mind having Tito in my cd player! I do not have anything out yet. I am looking to have something out by January/ February. Ill put them up on myspace, so people can hear it. i dont really sell cd's at shows, but if i did they would be like anywhere from 1 to 5 dolars.

And where can we get a copy of that cd? You will probably be able to buy it at shows, so check the schedule. More than likely you can download them from myspace.

How did you become so swave? I wouldnt consider myself swave. if people cared to get to know me, they would find out that im a sweet down to earth person. People get the impression that im a player, but im really not. Its called the "lounge singer/ musician" curse and stereotype.

So you used to play the drums, Did you play in any bands? Yes I used to be the original drummer for the band Melee, and I played drums for a punk band called Wiggum. Now my focus is strictly lounge.

What happened to those bands?
Melee is signed to Warner Brothers, and Wiggum almost got signed to an indie label. With Wiggum, the band broke up and moved on.



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