Tiger Army - Music from Regions Beyond

Written by Matthew M

Tiger Army "Music from Regions Beyond"
Posted Jul 9, 2007, by Matthew Montanez.

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Featured Artists: Tiger Army; Genre: Rock; Tiger Army’s latest album Music from Regions Beyond is rhythmically and lyrically powerful. Tiger Army is self proclaimed to “always have been and always will be a Psychobilly band” consisting of Nick 13 on guitar and vocals, Jeff Roffredo on vocals and stand up bass, and James Meza on drums. I purchased the album a couple of days after seeing Tiger Army perform at Warped Tour in Ventura. The intensity of their live performance is matched by the strength of their album. Each track of the album maintains a fast paced and solid rhythm complimented by light yet powerful vocals. Vocalist Nick 13 and AFI’s Davey Havok have been claimed to sound very similar however after listening to enough Tiger Army tracks, it’s clear that Nick 13 has a unique melodic sound which I find is not comparable to anybody else. Further, the lyrical content of each track relentlessly conveys intense concepts, feelings, and attitudes. The album has been promoted on the radio specifically with the track “Forever Fades Away.” This is an awesome track however the overall album has a lot more to offer. Try to get yourself a copy of this album; I’ve had it for about a week and have listened to it at least a couple of times day. The album was released by Hellcat Records. Check out Tiger Army at www.tigerarmy.com Tiger Army will be playing Warped Tour all summer so if you get the chance I definitely, definitely recommend going to see them.

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