Thunder Pistols - S/T (Rock)

Written by rickmurder

Thunder Pistols - S/T
Posted Nov 28, 2010.

Sad to see bands be so generic that they portray no musical talent. This album is every stereotypical crotch rock band that is trying to be like ramones or twisted sister but completely lacking the originality to attempt to get fans by there own means of talent. Granted, they do know how to play their instruments properly but sounds like they have just taken tabs from other bands put it together and say hey “we kick GRASS!” I think any band should listen to their fans and see what everyone is saying. If you’re playing at a bar and people say you sound just like everyone else, that is a red flag that you should reevaluate your bands direction. I am sorry to rip into this band but it just pains me to constantly go to shows and listen to bands that just don’t try to be themselves or try to reach for something new and that will be the death to the music industry as we know it.



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