Throwdown, Cold War + @ Chain Reaction 6/13/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Throwdown, Cold War, War Of Ages, Dear Hearts At Chain Reaction 6/13/07

Posted Jun 16, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Dear Hearts was on first. They are like a raw rock band with Punk influences. There sound was pretty fast and heavy I know most of the people there were there for Throwdown and Cold War, but these guys were not half bad even though it was a hardcore night and they were just playing straight up rock rather then hardcore. But for my personal thought on the band they were not that bad just sort of placed on the wrong night but check them out on myspace at

Cold War what can I say, these guys came out and laid down the law and got the place going. They played a lot of new stuff off the new record Espionage Made Easy
Indecision Records (2007) and some of there old stuff as well. But the vocals are so brutal and very intense and the musical works are amazing. They are a very thrashy and metal and hardcore. Their sound is unlike any other hardcore band out there that I have heard. They also put on a great stage performance they get wild and crazy on stage but every hardcore, metal, thrash, or any genre listener should check out cold war. This band is made up of ex members of Throwdown, Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow, Perish and Welcome to your Life, so if you liked any of those bands come check out their new band. They also just released their new cd “ Espionage Made Easy” so pick that up for your listening enjoyment you will not be disappointed. Also check them out on myspace for news, band info, show info and everything else you need to know about this awesome band. but in all they put on a great show and great live performance.

War Of Ages had the stage next. These guys came all they way from Erie PA on the east cost and they came over here and showed the west cost what’s up. These guys were great they are a metal / hardcore Christian band. The singer told a story in the middle of the set about his life and what he’s been through and how he has gotten back up on his feet and totally turned his life around. I think that would inspire most of his lyrics in most of the songs, he just pours all his life in to this great music. Everybody has a different story to tell and his is just in music form. But this band live was pretty amazing I thought, great breakdowns and heavy riffs, awesome guitar solos and just an over all great band and a great show. Check them out on myspace at

And last but not least Throwdown. This was actually my first time seeing them and I was like wow, this band is amazingly awesome. They are very heavy and so brutal just makes you want to mosh and do some dancing in the pit. They are from Orange County Ca and started off there tour here in Anaheim then going on to this years 2007 Vans Warped tour so make sure to catch them out on tour. Make sure to pick up their new album coming 8/7/07 so make sure to pick that up! But tonight’s show was a pretty sick so check them all out and check out Throwdown on myspace for news, info, and show dated

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