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Written by Matthew M

matthew TOH interview.jpg<p>Posted Apr 18, 2008

Victoria and I met up with Theory of Hate after their set at the Taste of Chaos show on April 10th at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA. Theory of Hate is a four-piece metal band from Wasilla, Alaska. Band Members include Dave Johnson on Vocals, Bryan Earl on Drums, Josh Hobert on Guitar, and Shawn Farmer on Bass. The Taste of Chaos show was the band's first show out of state. Being from Alaska, Theory of Hate greatly appreciated the hot Southern California weather, especially since the snow had just started coming down in their hometown when they left. Farmer mentioned pointing out palm trees before they even got off the plane. When Theory of Hate arrived at the Arena they were told that they were not on the list to play despite having booked the show over 11 months ago. Fortunately, the band’s manager and promoter were able to get them a spot on the lineup. Theory of Hate played a really cool, four-song set; the drum beats and bass lines were quick and heavy, guitarist Josh shredded on his guitar, and Dave’s vocals were deep and powerful. The best part about Theory of Hate’s song structures are the heavy rhythms that get you interested, followed by the choruses that undoubtedly get your head banging. Theory of Hate mentioned a few complications that arose during their performance: first, Josh’s guitar strap broke during the set, forcing him to play while holding up his guitar. The band's manager, Les Youngs, was cool enough to hold up Josh’s guitar for a portion of their set. Second, Bryan was playing on a drum set that was probably half the size of the drum set that he usually plays on. These complications weren’t apparent from the audience's perspective however since the band still delivered their songs with raw intensity. When asked about the music scene in Alaska the band mentioned the limited amount of venues; they usually play bars and will usually travel good distances to play shows. Also, not too many big bands make appearances up in Alaska since shows can be really pricy; a show like the Taste of Chaos would easily be $100. One of the last ‘big’ bands to play in the area was Megadeth, opened by Theory of Hate. The band mentioned that 'the metal scene in Alaska is small but growing.’ Definitely check out Theory of Hate – it’s always important to recognize bands that are paving the way for larger music scenes.

[Matthew, Chris Cardenas of Anger Management, Victoria, Shawn Farmer, Dave Johnson, Josh Hobert, Manager Les Youngs, Bryan Earl]

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