The Unseen/ A Wilhelm Scream/ Viva Hate/ Civet

Written by Big Smile Staff

he Unseen/ A Wilhelm Scream/ Viva Hate/ Civet @ The Showcase Theatre/ Key Club 4/4-4/5/08
Posted Apr 15, 2008, by ME.

Genre: Punk;
I'm going to intermingle the two shows because I was really late for the Key Club show. When we arrived at the showcase I was expecting a lot more people and maybe even the show to be sold out. It didn't sell out, but people just showed up late. I caught the last three songs of Civet. None I knew, but still really good (even though she sounds like Brody Dalle). Yeah, I know I'm not the first to make that comparison. Four hot chicks and good riot girl music.. what more can I say? This was my first time seeing Viva Hate. They put on a really good show, but maybe I have to listen to their CD. A decent psycho/punk band (better than some I've seen) I really liked their closing song. Uhh!! A Wilhelm Scream, I wanted to hear them for some time and i finally did. I won't hear or see them again.The beginning of their set was good and I liked what I heard, but the lead singer seemed like a STICK. You know those jock hardcore STICKs, yeah he was one of those with a mic.They have a song about anti- Mtv, eyeliner, tight pants type bands yet the song sounded like Avenged Sevenfold. Yeah, I don't know how that worked, but good for them. I really did like their earlier songs but as for their cute melodic "hardcore", NO!!! Finally, The Unseen. They started off with "Live in Fear" for both shows. Their set didn't change. They played "So this is freedom", "Are We Dead Yet?", "So Sick of You", "Explode", "False Hope", "What are you gonna do?", "No Mater Race", "Scream Out", and ended their sets with their Rolling Stones' cover of "Paint it Black". They played about four songs off their last two cd's, but who cares? What I'm trying to figure out is how they can leave out the whole Lower Class Crucifixion cd. Any Unseen fan knows that that's their best or one of their best albums. Really, really disappointed that they didn't even play one song from that cd. Overall, they still put on a good show. the fans still represent, and maybe new Self Distruct can play since A.G.T. broke up.

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