The Swellers @ Showcase 9/13/07 (Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Showcase, Syncope Thresh Hold, Five Good Reasons, Cry Havoc, The Swellers, Merose.

Written Sep 13, 2007.

The night started off with a band called Merose. They were a little shy in the beginning of their set but towards the end they were wormed up and getting into it. But besides from the stage performance this band was all over the place with their style of music. Unexpectedly they went from indie rock to a punk song so hardcore. It didn't mix very well to me, even though each type of music sounded great, Especially their punk songs, i was not to impressed with this guys.

Five Good Reasons was up next. FGR is an old school hardcore, metal band from seattle. They are a full sounding band, eccentric stage performance and some catchy songs that you want to sing along to. Its always amazing to see fans screaming the words to a band. It makes the songs that much better. The lead singer Matt was running all over the place and singing with great passion, and Jason on bass was ripping it up with his leg stomps and singing without a mic (when you see them live you know what i'm talking about). They really know how to put one great show. check these guys out at

Third was a band called The Swellers. They were punk indie if i had to try and pick a genre, they should also go in the genre of awesome. This band was fast paced, good solid sound, and lot of energy, just like five good reasons. Some of their last few songs (even though they were older songs) really showed me how great this band really was, with amazing stage performance. This band was an awesome band to see and you should see them play live.

Fourth, Cry Havoc. Oh Cry Havoc where do i begin. They are a punk band with a hard rock or oldschool hardcore kind of sound, you'll have to listen to them and find out for your self. For me i saw these guys a while back at the Queen Mary and i thought they were pretty good, good stage performance and fun songs, but then i saw them tonight and they made the queen mary show look like a practice after work. Tonight they had so much energy, and performance. The singer switched his mic with the guitarists guitar and the finished the song playing each other part. That was great to see. Check these guys out they really have a lot of passion for their music.

Last was a band called Syncope Thresh Hold. WOW. Not knowing who this band was I quickly got introduced to their music from the first music note. With the pit about to start any second, the fans all excited, the guitarists went off like they were crazy or something. They were so fast, and what impressed me the most is that they are all on time perfectly. This band was exciting to watch.

Tonight was one of the most well put together show I've been to in a long time. All the bands were close in genres and styles, fans stayed for most of the whole set.

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