The Sundown Poachers 6/26-28/08 (Rock/Folk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Sundown Poachers 3 day tour 6/26-6/28

Written Jun 29, 2008.

Let me give you a brief story behind the band. Me and a few friends drove from OC to Santa Cruz to see this band play and we got to see them play 3 shows, slept in our car and ate noting but goldfish and peanut better sandwiches.

The Sundown Poachers drove from northern CA and to give you a brief story of the band. They are from a few different bands, some old bands that are no longer and some still together. The Sundown Poachers Are a Folk, Blues, Rock band with each band member bringing their own style to this equation creating an amazing sound.

We arrived at a place in down town Santa Cruz on Walnut Ave called 99 Bottles on Thursday night. The band set up and started playing, the bar had about 40 to 60 people in it most of them just hanging out. They played very well, not a ton of energy tonight but played the night away and did what they love to do.

The second show on Friday was in a smaller town called Capitola at a bar called Corner Pocket. We arrived with the band a little early. They were setting up and the people were trickling in one by one. They started to play an the energy in the bar started to get stronger and stronger, everyone was singing along, people were clapping and people were banging a drum beat on their tables. The band had a lot of energy tonight, jumping around, singing loud and hard, just really getting into it. This show will defiantly be hard to beat, and Certainly unforgettable.

Saturday late afternoon we arrived at a place in the middle of nowhere, I'am not sure what city is was in, but it was a Organic Strawberry Farm, Acers of land with no houses in sight. This was one of the funniest places to have a concert. I'd say about 60 people where there. The music today was if you mixed thursdays and fridays show together, they had a lot of energy but at the same time were very relaxed i think because they knew almost everyone there at the Farm. I think it was their 3 song in and he was making up the lyrics for the first half and basically singing a story of our last 3 days of concerts and hanging out. It was very impressive.

The Sundown Poachers Is defiantly one of those bands you have to see, or at least hear once in your life.

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