The Starting Line

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 1, 2005, by GG-.

Genre: Alternative;
Matt, Tom, Mike and Kenny

Do you have any advice for starting bands? I'd say, try to be really good. Practice; try to be as good as you can be. Hustle the Internet. Talk to people and communicate with other bands. Make friends.

Do you guys have any close friendships with any other bands? We're really close to The May. We know those guys really well. Days Away. We know those guys really well.

What do you guys do on the road to keep busy? We watch movies, watch bands, and eat snacks.

Can you tell us of any bad encounters you have had with any bands? I don't know, I try to block the bad ones out. It's never anything that is really, stand out creepy.

Does everyone in the band get along? You know, everybody fights, but we all get along. We have all the original members from when we started.

How do you keep your band together? If you're mad at someone, don't talk to them for five minutes, and then tell them you're sorry. Tell them you're mad, and then talk because if you don't, you will get all fired up about it and then you will fight. So, if I hate them I will just say I hate you. Then we hug and kiss.

What is your hometown? We are all pretty much from Philadelphia.

Have you had any confrontations with any other bands? No. Not really. We almost fought a basketball team once, at Boston College. All the girls were talking to us and they got jealous.

What band has influenced you the most? Ace of Bass was what I wanted my band to sound like when I got started.

Did you ever get to meet Ace of Bass? Yeah, actually, Matt Riddle is walking around here somewhere.

Since they were an influence on your band, what was it like meeting them for the first time? It's like I try to not say anything. I try to keep it minimal so that I don't say something stupid.

Do you have any advice about working with the corporate aspects of the music industry? Work with people who you trust. It is hard finding people who you trust in this business. So many people working, who can you trust? Be smart. The bigger label isn't always the best. Find somebody who likes your band and wants to help you.



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