The Science Of Sleep

Written by Jonny Havoc

Written Jun 6, 2007

Gael Garcia-Charlotte Gainsbourg-Alain Chabat-Miou Miou- A Film By Michel Gondry.This is a Warner Independent Film.

I was at the film store yesterday looking for something I have not seen before and I came across The Science Of Sleep, but just as you cant judge a book by its cover you cannot judge a movie by its cover as well. The film started out in a dream, a room made of cardboard and TVs. Its about a guy from Mexico that come back home to live with his mom and meets a girl which is his next door neighbor. He has crazy dreams where he doesn't know if he is in a dream or real life. But the cool thing is that the girl he met has the same style of dreams and imagination. The artwork and filming was amazing, if you are into indy films this one is very very good. It will make you want to paint a picture when your done watching it or invent something.

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