The Royal Heist (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Royal Heist
Written May 27, 2010.

Soon to be the new Hollywood sensation, The Royal Heist takes a step up and has just released a new energy driven rock album called Midnight In The Garden Of Evil. The four piece rock band stepping out of the cookie cutter and jumping right into pool of dough with sexy rock, rockabillyish vocals, solid beats, and a sound that will sure get you moving. I won't be surprised if you hear these guys and this new album on the radio soon. They remind me of the Artic Monkeys, Kings of Leon with a small hint of a rockabilly feel and maybe a dash or sprinkle of Billy Talent. The Royal Heist "Midnight In The Garden Of Evil" 11 song CD in stores April 20th 2010. Check them out at

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