The Pocket Rockets - Golden Gloves 1902 EP

Written by Matthew M

The Pocket Rockets - Golden Gloves 1902 EP
Posted Aug 30, 2011, by Matthew Montanez.

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Featured Artists: The Pocket Rockets; Genre: Indie;
The Pocket Rockets are a 3-piece indie band from East Los Angeles, CA consisting of Ralph Blanco on vocals and bass, Lyndon Miller on guitar, and Chris Magallon on drums. TPR's Golden Gloves 1902 EP is a collection of four melodic, catchy, well constructed tracks that will have you singing along from first listen. The fifth track is an acoustic version of track one: 900. In each song, lead guitar and vocals compete to produce a unique raw texture, creating an atmosphere of adolescent perspective, while bass lines and drumming carry forward melodically. This texture is further emphasized in the 900 acoustic version. The sincerity of Ralph's vocals can be compared to that of Robert Smith's of the Cure and the layering of instrumentals is reminiscent of Interpol. The Pocket Rockets consistently play shows throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Go check them out and purchase their EP! They will soon be one of your local favorites as they are one of mine.

Golden Gloves 1902 EP Digital download and CD

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