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Written by Matthew M

The New Hotness - The New Hotness

Posted Jul 21, 2007, by Matthew Montanez.

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Featured Artists: The New Hotness; Genre: Rock; The New Hotness is a three piece rock band with a retro style out of Arcadia, California. The band consists of Erik Newton on guitar and vocals, John K on bass, and Jared Summerell on drums. They recently won the Emergenza battle of the bands contest for the Los Angeles area. (Emergenza is a battle of the bands contest spanning the globe holding contests in the larger cities around the world; find out more at The band’s self entitled album has nine tracks of persistently catchy lyrics and guitar riffs. It becomes clear that the New Hotness has a very powerful, unique sound as I struggle to find comparable bands. However, Queens of the Stone Age is probably the most relatable band in terms of the energy that the New Hotness projects. The New Hotness album can only be described as good, old fashioned Rock and Roll. In two weeks, the New Hotness is going to be traveling to Germany to play in a large music festival hosted by Emergenza. Check out the New Hotness as soon as you get the opportunity and try to get a hold of their album. Preview tracks can be found on their website listed below. Check out the New Hotness at Or

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