The Lyrics Game @ GypsyLounge 7/11/08 (Rock/Indie)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Heath, The Lyrics Game, Evergrove @ Gypsy Lounge

Written Jul 11, 2008.

It was Josh and I that went to the show and we had no idea what to expect from the Gypsy Lounge. We hung out outside talking with some people for a bit, but when we walked in, it wasn't what I was expecting. It had a old log cabin feel, it was a very comfortable place, almost made you at home a little. The show started a little bit late, the sound guy was late, but none the less the show started, and Heath was up!

Heath was the first band to play tonight. As he started to play the crowed was kind of paying attention but there was still a lot of talking, a few songs went buy and he captured all of their attention. He played a few new songs and some older ones off of his CD. He also played a cover of Queen, "Bohemian Rap City". Now picture a guy playing an acoustic guitar all by him self on stage and pulling off that entire song, no drums, bass, but he had the help of the entire bar singing along with him, a good 50 people. By the end of his set, the entire bar fell in love with him.

The lyrics Game was second up. They got up on stage and ready to go really fast. They started and it blew me away. A brief history, we threw a show for big smile magazine a while back at The Clinic and the Lyrics Game played and I didn't get to see them because I was working the booth which was outside and they played acoustic at the No Division grand opening, so before tonight i have heard them a lot but i had never had the pleasure of watching their whole set live. Now i will go on with the rest of my story. They started with a lot of energy, just full force and they have a beautiful sound. It must be the combination of the cello played and amazing vocals hard hitting drum beats and just style on the bass and guitar. They had the entire bar moving to their beat, and totally into it.

Next up was Evergrove. They seemed to have a good fan base, good sound, I enjoyed watching them. The guitarist had some good guitar skills but they didn't have that energy that I had from the first two bands, So its hard for me to tell you anymore. I would like to see them again and then give you a little better of a review. So check them out in the mean time!!!

The entire show went well, everyone there was giving off a good vibe. Just a warning to the next people that go there, their is a $20.00 minimum if you use a credit card or atm. I learned the hard way!

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