The Lyrics Game @ Clancy's 5/7/10 (Indie/Blues)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Lyrics Game @ Clancy's in Long Beach 5/7/10 w/ The Blues & The Magic Bullet Theory. Written Jun 24, 2010.

The night opened with "The Blues", a girl fronted duo from Hollywood bringing us some blues and very magical guitar solos!

Next on tonight's bill was "The magic bullet theory" they were funk jazz funk funk with a twist of jazz. I'll start my way in the back and work my way forward. The drummer, he's got some mad style, he's busting some crazy off beats, while completely staying on beat with the rest of the band. He definitely has a presence in the band, making his drum hits loud and crisp yet not over powering. Very good. To the drummer's left, we have the bassist: he's all over the fret board on his bass neck, keeping it smooth and flowing really nice with the drums and the djmbay player in front of him keeping it splashy yet modest. On the front of the stage we have 3 good lookin fellas that could play some music like a bat out of hell. On stage left we were graced with presence of the saxophone player that can wale and to his left was a very well rounded trumpet player and last person on this tiny stage was the guitarist that was playing stuff I've never seen before like it was easy as pie. This band had a very unique ora about them and could really play music, but the most interesting thing about these guys is there was no singer and the front 3 guys would take turns being the font men and play some sweet solos that no singer would of come close to sounding as good as they sounded without one. (But it would be interesting to see them try with a singer) Very diverse and interesting band to watch, listen, and enjoy! If you like musical talent and if you ever get a chance to see these guys live, do it.

The band we were all there to see finally took the stage, The Lyrics Game! Woooo the small bar in Long Beach cheered! The Lyrics Game has a very unique sound and style that makes them stand out from the rest. They took the stage with charge with their heart pumping beats, face melting Cello solos all backed by a beautiful singing voice that only The Lyrics Game can pull all those things together into one place, under one room, all on one stage! After the first few songs the nervous stage tension started to wear off and we got to see the fun kinky side of The Lyrics Game with lead singer Brittany bringing a few friends on stage to sing Weezers 'Say It ain't So' and got the whole Bar singing along. With the new drummer rocking the hot stage they come close to their last song when an encore started and we got one more song! TLG puts on a great live show! Check out TLG's myspace for some online music action but I'd you rather check them out July 10th at DiPiazzas LIVE on stage with Trainwreck (Kyle Gas of Tenacious D).

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