The Lives Of Famous Men - Modern Love, The Wooden

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 2, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Alternative;

The Lives of Famous Men new EP “Modern Love, The Wooden Vehicle” is an instant flash back to early 2000’s pop rock scene, the singers voice echoes of Antonio Longo of Taking Back Sunday without the lyrically genius to back it up. The 3 song track is full of catchy rifts and halcyon lyrics. You have to enjoy the use of multiple instruments, but this all just wanting more, wanting to see where there going to take this band. So in short if your feeling a little bit nostalgic for early “emo” and alternative rock, I say put on your old t-shirt then pre order the CD “Modern Love, The Wooden Vehicle” or find them on there myspace, and go to one of there shows to see them first hand



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