The Jakes @ House Of Blues 6/29/08 (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Jakes, Void 808, Vale, Jumping The Gun @ House of Blues Written Jun 29, 2008.

House of Blues was charging a great sum of money to take photos for tonight so sorry I got no photos.

The first band I did not catch their name, They were a little to slow for me, a little off and the vibe in the room kind of was dull.

Next was the band called Void 808. They defiantly brought the vibe in the room up a little with their rock. They sounded a lot like a band called Something Like Silas. The drummer really loved using his toms which I don't hear from most other bands and i liked it a lot. He did a good job incorporating it into the songs.

Vale was next, They put on a good show. They have their own sound and style, and they sound like The Cure and The Smith, but with their own sound for sure. They covered "Anything Anything" by Dramarama and did a great job. On a side note I would like to thank the man in the back stage area for dancing with such passion and style. Hi Five.

4th was The Jakes, ah yes The Jakes. I recently found them on myspace and thought their music on their myspace player was all right, not my favorite but not bad. So when they took the stake and started in was instantly impressed with their live performance and live sound. The guitarist was making some really funky sounds instead of having a pre recorded sounds, he made them live and that impressed me. Then for one of their songs they started with a B-Box beat, and slowly and perfect the drummer came in and they went into their song and towards the end of the song the drums faded perfectly into the B-Box. If you like the CD and the music on myspace then when you see them live your going to be blown away. Their style was a lot like The Bravory and Hot Hot Heat. I recommend you check these guys out!

Dont forget to check The Jakes Interview.

5th was Jumping the Gun. They are pop punk and did a few covers, like Blink 182. The guitarist was very good along with the drummer. He was exceptionally fast and had a great style to him, he played with force yet wasn't trying to be the lead man in the band. For a 3 piece band, They defiantly had a lot of energy and really used all that big huge stage at HOB. They were not the best band ever but these guys defiantly have potential to be huge and soon will be big. Deffently check these guys out.

This was a fun show, saw some old friends (Congratulations) and met some new ones like the guy from the band NewMeaning, awesome guy and Missy.

Thanks for reading.

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