The Hardest Things to Say - Everlost

Written by Sky Fisher

Band – Everlost
Album – The Hardest Things to Say EP
Release Date – September 16, 2014

The Hardest Things to Say is the debut EP from Everlost, a solo alternative rock project from Jared Kay. It tells a clear story of love, loss, letting go, and getting through the hard times. Though there is certainly some work to be done as far as sound goes, The Hardest Things to Say offers a nice break from the typical alt rock sound.

Though only five songs in length, The Hardest Things to Say offers a glimpse into the talent of Jared Kay – who is the only member of Everlost, providing not only vocals but all instruments as well.

“All We Need” offers inspiring lyrics to remind listeners that “All we need is love” and that the hardest things come to an end while “You Threw It All Away”, my personal favorite, applies to all relationships with the hard truth of watching someone walk away while you hang on. “Musicbox”, the song track on the EP, is also worth listening to.

While The Hardest Things to Say is well worth listening to, Everlost has a long way to go before having a clearly defined sound. However, with work on both music and lyrics, Everlost clearly has the talent to join the ranks of those like Matt and Kim and Jack's Mannequin.

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