The Grouch - Making Perfect Sense

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Dec 29, 2010, by ME.


Featured Artists: Grouch; Genre: Hip Hop;
The Grouch's Making Perfect Sense release in 1999 in Legendary Music was my introduction to underground hip-hop, which was in 2000 and I've been stuck since. Honesty and thought provoking lyrics are what The Grouch brings on a daly. I remember hearing "Grow Up" on a skate video and when I heard those lyrics and that beat, I knew I needed that album. So at 14, I saved my lunch money and that was probably my best investment to date. Just with this album I learned so much about life and how I wanted to be when I would become an adult. No song is the same on this album, each beat is completely different from the other, each song has it's own topic, and each song is totally relatable. Songs about working, school, family, friends, struggles, and real life situations in general. The Grouch always produces most of his beats and with that this album is mostly mid-tempo with the occasional horns and scratches that I love. If you want a sample of what type of goodness The Grouch cam bring, just lend your ears to "Struggle Baby," "Wish You a Good Day," "Too Much on It," "For a Few," and the ever so lovely "Simple Man." Just want to say "Thank You Grouch," you have made a fan for life.

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