The Greenery (Hardcore/Punk/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Greenery
Posted Jan 21, 2011

This is an interview with Matt Lanners of The Greenery, how is everything going guys? Things are really good, at home writing our first full length and getting quality hang time with all of our good buds.

Your home town is Long Beach, CA, what are some of your favorite local spots to perform at in LB?
We grew up playing this local venue called Di Piazzas, but house shows have been a little more intimate and more fun for us. Also Chain Reaction, we absolutely love that place (even though it's not in Long Beach).

If given the opportunity, would you guys ever be down to have a guest appearance on a track by Snoop Dogg?
If that day came I would be absolutely ok with throwing in the towel with music haha I accomplished everything I needed to at that point, so absolutely yes!

How long has The Greenery been around?
Band was formed between really good friends that had a love for bands like Pantera/Suicidal Tendencies/Black Sabbath etc.. and mostly just to find something to bring all there friends together as much as possible, and it ended up becoming a lot more serious after the summer of 2007.

What is the best crazy fan story so far?
I wish we had crazy fans, haha I mean we have fans that have had our logo tattoo'd on them. We think it's crazy but super badass and it's a real honor for people to have something about us tattoo'd on there body forever. Much props!

You guys have a unique sound and a great style, what are some of the bands major influences that has created the music that you play today?
Honestly we decided to go back further in our influences. Stuff that originally got us stoked on music like our skateboarding days. Bands like Metallica/Suicidal Tendencies/Black Sabbath/Exodus and so on! Anything that thrashes and brings the heat!

Do you have any tour planned or in the making?
After recording the full length we will be doing the "On The Road To NEMF" tour that runs through the Mid-west, East Coast and The South and after that hopefully we'll be out on the road for the rest of our lives!

Thanks for doing an interview with Big Smile Mag, any last words to your fans before the next time you see them at a show?
The supports phenomenal and friendships we have made are everlasting. We can't wait to get back out there and see some headbanging and stage dives!



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