The Faint at the Glass House

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 8, 2008, by Meesh!.

A few words can describe the evening show at The Glass House in Pomona: sweaty, packed, and intense. Before The Faint took the stage at 10pm, there was a DJ playing some electronica, and then a band called Jaguar Love( included the same lead singer as The Blood Brothers) came on at about 9pm. Jaguar Love had great music and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. They were part rock, pop, and electric. The lead singer was interesting in that he was able to sing very high pitched notes. As the evening grew, I was already standing pretty much squished into the center of a huge pit. Then The Faint appeared. Right when the first song started, I was immediately pushed from all directions by tons of people. At first it was so crazy for me considering the fact that I had never been so sweaty in my entire life. I was elbowed in the face, people were crowd surfing, I almost lost my shoe, and I even accidently bit someone on the back of their head. I never would have thought The Faint would carry a crowd like the one I saw that evening. They played great for a little over an hour, with their classics and even new songs from their new album, titled 'Fasciinatiion.' The Glass House, with it's exceptional sound, carried an awesome scene and The Faint blew me away with a great show.

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