The Draft - In A Million Pieces

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Epitaph Records)

Being comprised 75% of seminal beard-rock legends Hot Water Music, The Draft have come from the ashes of greatness, with big shoes and even bigger beards to fill. Although there is no doubt they haven't really tried stepping out of the HWM songwriting vein, really, who can blame 'em? There's a little less fist-in-the-air sweaty sing along anthems on this record, but what there is on "In A Million Pieces" is lots of melody, groove and heart. With singer Chris Wollard slyly proving he could sing that whole time -- the layered guitars and. . .synth (OMG!) Bring a new perspective on the classic HWM wound, adding great depth to the overall sound of this record. So, if you're a fan of HWM, especially their more melodic material, then this is definitely an album you need to have. But if you're not a fan of Hot Water Music and just like good, mature beard-rock (that part will never change) then we've found your new favorite band.


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