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The Briggs, Angel City Outcasts, The Forgotten, Broke 'Til Thursday @ The Knitting Factory

Posted Apr 6, 2008, by JoeZilch.

Genre: Punk; Rock;
The Knitting Factory
Los Angeles, Ca
Friday, 21 March 2008

A few years ago I was in an Irish/Scottish-Punk phase when I couldn't get enough of bands, until that point, I didn't know existed. In a little over a month I consumed the catalogs of Flogging Molly, The Street Dogs, Black 47, The Skels, The Mahones, and many, many more. In this genre-based fervor I found a band called "The Briggs" and while I enjoyed their music they soon were lost to the ether that is my iPod's shuffle function. I didn't keep track of the band and couldn't remember any of their songs simply due to a lack of listening.

Then I saw The Briggs play live and all that changed. I was at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, trying to take photos of Dropkick Murphy when I found myself taken aback by one of the opening bands. It's a good thing Dropkick puts on an awesome show otherwise they would have been quickly eclipsed by The Briggs sheer energy. Since then I have seen The Briggs twice, once @ The Juke Joint in Anaheim, Ca, and most recently @ The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, Ca. With each new show I find myself anticipating the next album even more.

I must mention, albeit redundantly, how much energy this band throws out on stage.

The Knitting Factory show opened with Broke 'Til Thursday, a band that I can't truly review as I was getting a drink and setting up my camera gear when they started (and I was figuring out my lighting during their set). I liked them enough to want to see them again to see if I like them.

The Forgotten sort of reminded me of punk the way people typically stereotype punks, but not in a bad way. Fast, brash, and full of damage-infused energy. These guys, thankfully, didn't get the message that most "punk" is now pop and as such they keep the beats strong and vocals loud.

Angel City Outcasts. This band truly surprised me as they were another band lost to the ethers of my iPod until I saw them perform live. After The Forgotten and Broke 'Til Thursday I was a little taken back when some guys who looked like swing-kids in their vests and hats came onto the stage. Was I going to be listening to a ska band before The Briggs came out? No! These guys are rock the way I like my rock, with style, substance, and a whole lot of fun.

Not a bad group in the bunch and some awesome performances from bands who seem to really enjoy what they're doing on stage.

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