The Bigfellas - Chubbed Up

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 1, 2009, by Mc Monte Carlo.

Genre: Folk;
where oh where do I start. As you can see the CD cover is a big cookie with a cigarette butt, basically giving you no idea what to think about this band. You can not judge this CD by its cover. ha! Well with keeping an open mind when popping this cd in, The Bigfellas are a indie rock, folk band with a hint of country and i'm leaving out about 5 genres. they remind me a little of the Gin Blossoms. They have a wide range of instruments, piano, sweet guitar riffs, piano, acoustic guitar, and to top it off they have some great lyrics, some very clever and some funny but original. They are a band I would listen to every other day. (not a lot of bands I'd listen to every day). These guys are fun, go and check them out..



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