Tea Suicide (Musician/Artist/Model)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Tea Suicide
Posted Jan 15, 2007.

What is your myspace? www.myspace.com/teasuicide

How old were you when you started to model? I was eighteen. Less than a year ago.

So you are a model for sg, do you do anything else on top of that? I'm currently attending a fine arts university and majoring in photography, so that's taking up quite a bit of time. On the side, I also play the guitar and piano, and I just started learning the violin.

How do your parents feel about you being a Model for sg? My mother actually approached me about it really calmly. She was extremely understanding and allowed me to explain my reasons for doing it without freaking out. My parents still don't approve or anything, but they understand that it's my choice.

Where are you from? I suppose you could say Guelph, because i've lived there the longest. I move around a lot. I was born in Richmond Hill, lived in Aurora, then Pickering, then Guelph, then Orangeville, then Newmarket, and now Toronto.

I noticed that you like the color yellow, why is that? It's a majorly underrated colour. And it looks good with brown.

And how is that going? I'm halfway through my degree. The first year was a bit rough because I had to do things like drawing and sculpture (which I'm not too hot at), but this year is a lot less stressful and I find I'm learning a lot more.

I just went to your art site www.transfertransfer.etsy.com/ and it looks great, where do you get your inspiration and ideas to come up with your art? Actually, most of the stuff I sell on there are things I made for school assignments. The assignments are always really vague though so it usually requires a lot of creativity to come up with something worthwhile. A lot of my ideas actually come from dreams.

Where do you see your self in 5 years? I'd like to be teaching fine art or photography in Australia. Or maybe english in Japan.

If you don't mind me asking, we usually ask our bands this, but what religion are you? I don't really follow any particular religion. I prefer to just believe that there is some sort of greater power helping us out. I'm also a firm believer in Karma.

Well that's all i have for you, is there anything that you would like to say to all your fans reading this? I have fans?



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