Sweet Hello, Satisfaction, Ronnie Day, Melee...

Written by Big Smile Staff

Sweet Hello, Satisfaction, Ronnie Day, Melee, 6-7-07 at the Roxy
Posted Jul 12, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


I know Chris from Melee, so I begged him to get me into this show, so I figured the least I could was write a review for it. This was Melee’s first legit headlining show at the Roxy, or anywhere really, so it was a pretty special night for them. They got some great bands to open for them too. The first band was Chris’ little brother’s band, Sweet Hello. They were pretty darn good for a bunch of high schoolers. I wish my band back in high school had a fraction of their talent. I am sure you will see these guys as they mature as a band and as musicians.


The next band was Satisfaction. Chris told me I shouldn’t miss them. I am glad that he gave me the heads up. They were awesome. They are a great rock band. The singer/guitar player is supper entertaining and he has a great band backing him up, a great combo. Check these guys out. You won’t regret it.


The third band was Ronnie Day. Basically he is a singer/song writer with a band backing him up. They were pretty good, definitely entertaining. The crowd seemed to like them a lot as well.

Melee, congrats on your first headlining show! Melee sounded amazing that night. Chris and Ricky are always entertaining to watch. Melee has such great chemistry on stage. You can tell that they love to play together. They have a great energy that overflows out into the crowd. This band has the potential to be huge! Keep an eye on them.

-Chad "the Flash" Sengstock

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