Subhumans / Ciril @ The Echo April 15, 2008

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 18, 2008, by ME.

Genre: Punk;
I actually didn't find out about this show until last week. My friends and I wanted to go see the Subhumans in Corona on Saturday but it was sold out. Maybe it was because the show was on a Tuesday, but I wasn't really into it. When we arrived everybody was waiting in line. We waited in line for like an hour before getting into the show. We showed up just in time because by the time we got our tickets they had about 20 left. The first band I saw was Ciril from Long Beach. I've heard of them, but I didn’t know anything about their music. Also this was my first time seeing them. Their first two songs sounded really good then the rest of their songs were very slow and gloomy. Ciril isn't really a type of band that I would like, so this would probably be the last time I see Ciril. Hit Me Back was supposed to play, but instead Naked Aggression played. At this time I went outside because I've seen them too many times and I just don't like them. Finally, the Subhumans. They're the only band so far that I've seen that plays good consistently and whose crowd always goes off. I don't know too much about the Subhumans, but I know enough. They played a couple songs off of their new album. One song I remember was "Point of View." Usually when old punk bands try and make a new CD, their music changes, but these songs were still good which was surprising. They also played "Parasites", "Peroxide", "Mickey Mouse is dead", "Pig man", and "Drugs of Youth." They ended with "Religious Wars", but before that it was "Drink, Sex, Cigarettes..." Yes it was "Apathy." I remember that song from the first time I saw the Subhumans. It's always great to see this legendary anarcho-punk band and I hope you get to see them too.

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