Stick To Your Guns + @ Chain Reaction 5/12/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Bury Your Dead, Stick To Your Guns, Suicide Silence, Since The Flood At Chain Reaction 5/12/07

Posted May 15, 2007, by Big Hoss.

This show was one of the best hardcore/metal shows I have been to in a while, it was just a great intense show hands down no questions asked, before the show I had to wait for Stick To Your Guns to get there because I was on there guest list, so after they got in and checked in I got my wristband and went on in.

First up was a band called Since The Flood they are straight out of Boston, MA, so they came along way from home to play this show, and they got the crowd moving pretty good, they played a good 30 minute set of hard intense music and just rocked the place and did a great set the place was sold out so it was jam packed in there and the mosh pit was crazy, if you know what chain looks like inside the whole floor was a pit from front to back it was huge but for more info on the guys go to

Taking the stage next was Stick To Your Guns. I had to get up in the mosh pit for these guys. They put on such a great show even though I got kicked in the head wile moshing, I think some guy was crowd surfing and like he kind of landed on me but not, but by that time the place was like 100 degrees inside and I was wearing my MOSH DEPT hoodie and I was so hot in that thing, but anyways the band was amazing, they played two dates at chain one on the 11th and on the 12th and if you were not at one of those you missed out big time for more dates and info on the band you can go to , two of the members could not be there that night so they had people fill in for them but in all it was still a great set.

Next up was Suicide Silence, they are a local band from Riverside, Ca and they are on tour with Bury Your Dead and Dead to Fall, they put on a great show the crowd was nuts and a few people continued to get kicked out for getting to crazy in there and I kid you not that place was like 150 inside it was not even funny, but they played a crazy set and put on a great show so if they are in your area check them out, for more info and tour dates go to

And the Headliner of the night was none other then Bury Your Dead, a lot of people as well as I were disappointed in there set because of the fact they lost there singer like two weeks ago, he quit so they had some other guy fill in and it just wasn’t the same as before well the music was but not the whole feel of the band they just feel empty with out there old singer now and who knows what could become of this, but even though the singer wasn’t the best, the music was still fun to get in to but for more tour dates and info on the band go to



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