Stand To Say Goodbye

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Mar 1, 2005, by Josh Snider.

Genre: Rock;
Where was your first show? It was at a little youth group program in Claremont called The Source.

Where was your best show ever? It would have to be a little town called Kingma, Arizona. Small towns are great cause the kids just go nuts.

What venue would you like to play? House of Blues in Anaheim. It's such a classy place (I mean FREE water come on now).

What venue has been your favorite? Pro-bably Chain Reaction the security is act-ually pretty cool (except for the sound guys).

Other than playing, what do each of you do for work? Darrel owns a construction bus-iness, Chris is a missionary and the rest of us are seniors in high school.

Who are some of your favorite bands? Underoath, Nodes of Ranvier, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying and the Smashing Pumpkins.

What would you tell a kid who has no faith in himself? I’d say "consider yourself lucky because there is a God out there who does have faith in you, His name is Jesus Christ.”

How long has the band been together? Since September of 2003.

What inspires you guys? Our main inspiration comes from Jesus Christ.

Do you have any new music that will be expected soon? This Sinking Ship should be out by the middle of February. We are very excited about it.

What is your website or contact info? Check us out at and email us at .



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