Sputnik Monroe - We're Doomed (Alt./Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Sputnik Monroe - We're Doomed
Written Sep 25, 2008.

The Great Depression Celebration Part 1
I remember seeing Sputnik Monroe about 4 or 5 years ago at the Sante Fe Cafe in Fullerton CA and have loved them ever since. They are a Indie Experimental band from LA. They most defiantly on this cd are more experimental than indie. It could be a sound tract to sweet indie film.
The artwork on the cd and on the cover has a very cool feel to it, almost Alice in Wonderland-ish and the whole style of the art and way its all put together has its own style and one of the best I've seen. (if your in a band takes notes and check them out)
Doomed Chapters
1 The Chamberlin
2A Portamento
2B Nicola,I miss the Barn
3 Standing In Rank
4A Ocean
4B Le Cirque Du Brutt
4C Time
5 Everyone Is Looking Elsewhere

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