Spades and Blades

Written by Josh Snider

Although formed in 2006 as Spades And Blades, the founding members, Jason, Justin, and Josiah have been playing together since 2001 after they formed Hardcore Punk act The Havoc. The current lineup for SAB was completed in 2010, as was their debut album “Blood of the Innocent”. The album’s release was received with several positive reviews from local publications, as well as various metal news sites. It also helped the band establish a solid local following in Southern California. Since then, the band has continued to play regularly at local venues, sharing stages with notable metalcore and post hardcore outfits such as Impending Doom, Phinehas, Silent Planet, Speaking The Kings, and Dayseeker in addition to Sullen Musik Artists The Slow Forward, All Else Fails, Assuming We Survive, Lost Souls, Virulent, N.M.E., and Low Life Music. These performances, in addition to the bands social media presence and music videos began to attract the attention of current sponsors, Bad Cat Amplifiers, Schecter Guitars, SJC Drums, TRX Cymbals, and Sullen Art Collective.

2014 saw the band sign to Sullen Musik for the distribution of their upcoming split E.P. with Australian act Visions, entitled “Proud To Be Loud”. The release date has been slated for 3/18/14.

Currently, the band is finalizing songs for their next record “The End Is Near”. Expected release is 2014.

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Josh Snider said: You guys have come a long way. What has kept your drive going all this time?

Spades and Blades said: It's a combination of things but the main thing is our passion for music, Starbucks, and low carb Monster/Rockstar Energy drinks. Plus, we want to be a positive force in this industry and send love to all of our fans.

Josh Snider said: Now that you've become newly signed, what changes can we expect to see in the future?

Spades and Blades said: The ability to further the reach of our band to more people. Which we're really excited about! Our numbers on Instagram alone are growing by over 1,000 new followers a week. We hope the increase in numbers will help us land a booking agent, management team, etc. so we can get out on the road and show the world what we're made of. 

Jonny Havoc said: You guys seam to have a lot of fun working with Sullen, how is that going working with them?

Spades and Blades said: Absolutely! Our partnership with Sullen has been awesome and it's opened up a lot of doors for the band and given us some great opportunities. Jeremy Hanna (co-owner) has been really supportive and encouraging every step of the way. Getting a mad hook up on their clothing doesn't hurt either! We're really grateful to have them in our corner.

Josh Snider said: What do you guys do for work when you're not on tour or recording?

Spades and Blades said: Many of us are self employed, entrepreneurial, small business owners. 

Justin has a silk screen business with his brother (and our good friend/roadie) Austin, called Dead And Buried Inc. They print shirts, etc.

Jason has a photo booth business called Instaglam Photo Booth.

Josiah owns a recording studio called Live Wire Studios, does live sound, and does DJ work.

TJ customizes motorcycles and has a shop called TJ Brutal Customs.

Garrett works in residential real estate.

Josh Snider said: I know Justin was in No Purchase Necessary, and then about half of you in The Havoc. What other bands have each of you been in leading up to Spades and Blades?

Spades and Blades said: Yep! We've all been in several bands. Here's the list! Hahaha!!! Justin was in NPN, The Havoc, and Officer Negative. Josiah was in Somos Punkeros, The Havoc, and Officer Negative. Jason was in Blood Bought, The Havoc, and Officer Negative. TJ was in Promising Wednesday, Lux, and The Dahlmer Party, and Laundromat. Garret was in Hypoxia, and Def Surf. We've all messed around in other less serious bands, but these were the most active groups.

Josh Snider said: What do you hope the experience that someone gets out of your music, both live and recorded?

Spades and Blades said: Overall we want to create a genuine connection with our fans through both our music and lyrical content in both forms, playing live and and through our recordings. As far as the actual experience goes with our recorded material we really want to uplift our fans and share with them a message of hope. We don't want to be a band that sings about the worn out message of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Instead of focusing on the temporary we want to focus on something more meaningful, the eternal. In terms of the live experience, that's exactly what we want to EXPERIENCE! For us, performing is like an atomic adrenaline rush and we strive to share that with every single person in the crowd. When you come to our show we want you to feel and hear the most punishing and brutal vocals, unrelenting machine gun drumming, ambient and percussive guitar work, that come together with melodic sensibility. Leaving our fans, by the end of the show, sweaty, hoarse, and having to carry each other out of the venue from shear exhaustion, but still wanting more. 

Jonny Havoc said: What are some of your pre show rituals? Like for your show tonight, what do you guys do to get pumped?

Spades and Blades said: SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK N' ROLL!! Hahahaha. Just kidding. First and foremost its a show so we all really enjoy getting to watch the other bands play their sets.  We all feel its really important to support the other acts that we are privileged to share the stage with. All too often bands complain about their scene when they do nothing to support it. they play, then leave, indifferent to who else is on the bill. We really care about our scene and do our best to show it in every way we can. Another HUGE part of our pre-show ritual is hanging out and talking with our fans, getting to know the people who listen to our music and who support us every step of the way.  The other things that really important to us is spending time with each other. We are 5 dudes who are great friends and we really get pumped up hanging out with each other making jokes, talking about gear, and just doing what friends do with each other. as far as personal pre-show pump ups, some of us stretch, do some warm up exercises, rub a chia pet, play chubby bunny or groom their mini unicorn. 

Jonny Havoc said: When you guys are driving, what CD always finds its way back in the player, over and over?

Spades and Blades said: On a good day Hannah Montana, but sometimes we get a little crazy, lately its been Impending doom-baptized in filth, Born of Osiris - Tomorrow we die alive, Zao- the fear is what keeps us here, For Today - Fight the silence, Living Sacrifice - The Hammering Process.

Josh Snider said: Boxers, briefs, commando, or BR4SS?

Spades and Blades said: Mostly Commando but every now and then we like to rock our Pro-Am 1995 Bowling League Banana Hammocks. 

Josh Snider said: What's worse on tour? A broken bus/van or being sick?

Spades and Blades said: Broken Down Vehicle is way worse. Robitussin is way cheaper than a new Trans in Skokie IL We've had  some slightly less than amazing experiences touring.... trees fell through our trailer, tires fall off in the middle of the freeway, Generator fall off the back of the RV, gas tank came unwelded...yet we still tour... either we all have a learning disability or we just love tour

Jonny Havoc said: Any plans to tour after you release your new album? 

Spades and Blades said: We are most definitely going to be hitting the road as much as possible this summer; its very important for us to have a solid record to support so currently we are pushing hard and wrapping up recording of the new album! Stay tuned!

Deez_Zombit_Nuts said: How do all you guys know each other. Did you guys grow up together?

Spades and Blades said: Jason Met Justin Through NPN around 1999, in 2001 Jason Moved to CA from OK to start a band with Justin (the Havoc)  in Nov of 01 They met Josiah through a mutual friend. Justin Jason and Jo played as the Havoc till 2006, then began Spades and Blades. TJ had been listening to Havoc when he lived in Portland OR. In 2010 TJ Met Spades and Blades at a local show not knowing they were the same dudes from the havoc. Shortly thereafter joined as a permanent drummer and semi permanent custodian. Josiah was recording hypoxia, and when hypoxia broke up Spades needed a bass player and Rat was a perfect fit He had no tattoos but we decided to let that slide. 

Deez_Zombit_Nuts said: What Band Do you guys like? 

Spades and Blades said: Currently we are all diggin pretty hard on the new For Today Album, really well produced and some of our members will be in the New Music video from for today! 

fade1997 said: How long have y'all been together as a band or even friends before actually getting known?

Spades and Blades said: Well When the Disney channel contacted us to do a guest spot on a re-release of My little Pony, we jumped at the chance knowing we would all get to wear amazing horse tails and prance through cotton candy fields, what a reward for all the years of hard work!  But before that the band had been together since 2001, first as the Havoc, then changing the name to Spades and Blades and further honing our sound and we've been going strong ever since!  Unfortunately we were dropped off the MLP gig because they said "horseys cant have beards" and its a well known fact that chopping off a beard is like hacking off a limb. 

ig _another_bottledown said: What are your plans when you guys on and tour some places 

Spades and Blades said: We are currently Finishing up the recording process for "The End is Near" our upcoming album, hoping to wrap that up in the next couple months. We will then be setting up some tour dates so we can hit the road in support of the Prout to be Loud EP and the Full Length Album. We will also be posting videos and pics on our instagram, facebook and website as always making sure you know whats up in the Spades and Blades camp! There are also some pretty heavy discussions about a new music video coming out. we are tossing around the idea of shooting in a Chinese restaurant kitchen, and incorporating a lot of minestrone soup and vacuum cleaners, Very chic. But there's also another theme "Marmots in blue Cups" which seems to be everyone's favorite. 

Jonny_Havoc said: Thank you guys for taking your time to do an interview with us. 

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